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Naturally spring

Naturally spring

Naturally spring – the spring color season

What is my color if I’m a spring color season? What colors look good on me with my spring skin tones?

My spring skin tones

Light peachy or suntanned yellowish are the most common descriptions for the light warm nature of the spring skin tones.

My spring eye colors

Warm green or vivid blue, but occasionally it can come in light brown.

My spring lip shades

From light peachy to coral, all warm and decent shades.

My spring hair colors

Honey blonde or light sun-kissed brown if it’s lighter. Warm mid dark chocolate brown with golden or reddish shine if it’s darker.

What colors look good on me, if I’m spring color season?

Warm, bright, light colors.

I look incredible in Saturn red, coral, peach, pistachio, golden, lime, light turquoise blue. For some inspiration check my full spring color palette including an iPhone wallpaper for free download made of the best colors of my spring color season.


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