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I’m Winter color type

I’m Winter color type

Where did I, the winter color type come from?

Some call me my winter color type Snow White, some call it Drama Queen. Some don’t call me anything at all just can’t stop staring at me in my stunning winter colors. Yes, that’s me, the phenomenon. I stick out of the crowd with my blinding contrasts and powerful colors. No eyes could miss me. I’m the only type who can compete with pure black, take it down and wore it as a trophy around my neck.

My natural winter colors

I own the strongest possible natural color contrast, that’s were my power comes from. My skin can be vary from shining white to deep brown, but always dusty and cold in every shade. Check the summary page to read more about winter skin tones and see what colors suits me. Even if my skin is darker, the white of my eyes and the bright color of my eyes are blazing making me unmistakable. My strong contrasts call for strong colors. I can have all the feared basic and neon colors which would make everyone else invisible or even ridiculous. But not me, I just wear them. Even the most violent color pairs, such as red-black, yellow-black, white-black, are all good friends of my winter color type.

My hair is very dark, rich in colors, although sometimes it comes in a lighter version with bright blue eyes. It’s up to me then, whether I go for the dramatic, powerful look and darken my hair, or choose the softer look and lighten it further. But mostly I have dark cold brown or black hair which is often spiced up with some aubergine purple or mahogany red.

What colors should I wear (what are my winter colors)?

As for me, it’s almost all you can wear, as long as they have enough color content. My bests are still the cool, strong colors like the basic child toy colors, blue as is, red as is, yellow as is, green as is. And, of course, the black. Yes, I’m just stunning in black. But I’m basically awesome in everything from white to black, including most of the gray shades (not just 50).

You can imagine me going to a gala in forest green satin gown or waltz in to a bubble party in cherry red mini dress. My coat is black of course, or if I want to go for something fancy then it’s imperial blue. For office clothes I don’t have to select for too long. A black blazer and a white shirt are all I need to shine brighter than the sun. For some inspiration check my full winter color palette.

Colors I, the winter color type avoid at all cost

Those which haven’t got enough color content, like pastels and earthly colors can’t play with me. It’s all about keeping up with my strong winter color type and they just can’t cut it. They drag me down, make me look like I have food poisoning or other sickness got me stuck into the bathroom for days.

Vintage color schemes are also not for me. They way too dull and too warm for my edgy, icy colors and make me look totally out of place. Not to mention the extra years they put on me, like willingly wearing an age veil. Who would do that?


Diving into the winter color type

Winter embraces a lot of cultures and types from east to west, from snow white to cold brown from humble to loud. When the tones are warming, but still mostly containing ashy shine, the members lean toward the dark winter palette. While losing contrast between their skin and eyes, hair, lips the members’ palette sliding into a lighter, cooler overall look and feel.

Winter color types of the seasonal color analysis - winter colors - Real winter color type, Dark winter color type, Light winter color type
Winter color types of the seasonal color analysis – winter colors – Real winter color type, Dark winter color type, Light winter color type


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