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I’m Summer color type

I’m Summer color type

Where did I, the summer color type come from?

I’m the summer color type, cool and sophisticated in every color. I’m not afraid of grey, I wear it, I embrace it.  Accompanied with my other summer colors I make a star out of grey. No one else could. I don’t need bright colors to catch people’s attention. I can be a queen of the office in a pigeon grey suit or a hot beach babe in a pair of jeans short and a worn sweater.  Coolness lies in me.

My natural summer colors

I don’t maintain strong contrasts, all my colors are close together, play together smoothly, nicely, none of them have a solo show. My eyes are light greyish blue or green or sometimes light ashy brown. I have mostly light hair from natural blonde to ashy brown, never too dark. I don’t use dominant colors to accessorize, they make me look like a clumsy little girl trying out her mother’s makeup and heels. If I do wear makeup, a smoky silver eyeshadow is enough for me to mesmerize with my look.

My skin is also evenly toned and often rosy. Only after a hot shower or in ice-cold weather I have rich colored skin, make my face looks like a strawberry. It’s so cute by the way. And when I like someone, the blushing is always give me away, oh that damn thing! Check the summary page to read more about summer skin tones and see what colors suits me.

What colors should I wear (what are my summer colors)?

All my summer colors are cool pastels with little saturation not to over-dominate my natural beauty. They calm and soft and give me a well-balanced overall look and feel. The bests are silver white, baby blue, rose, light ash grey, light lemon. I look so good with nautical background that I could be the face of a luxury holiday cruise ad wearing nothing else but a single grey t-shirt.

If I need an evening dress, then it must be navy, silver white or deep rose,  nothing orangey tho’, because that’s way too warm for my summer color type and make me look a decade older.  What is good for evening dress is also good for suits and jackets, and of course, I could never go wrong with light grey in any cases. For some inspiration check my full summer color palette.

Colors I, the summer color type avoid at all cost

Even though grey is my best friend, his big brother, the black is out of the circle. It’s just too dark, to colorless, and generally way too arrogant for my lovely natural summer colors type. It makes me look like an old, grieving widow who has no fun left in her life. Bright and neon colors also not for me. They mock me, making me look like an experimenting teenager.

I also keep my distance from all the warm colors, they look messy on my summer color type. It’s like they intentionally highlight my skin flaws with spotlight and deepen my wrinkles with double shadow.


Diving into the summer color type

Even within my relatively even and well balanced color palette, there are measurable differences between summer types. There are more matured, warming members with less saturation in their colors and there are lighter but more colored members. The difference lies in the contrast created by their skin and eyes, hair, lips. The lower the contrast is, the less color content their palette can handle.

Summer color types of the seasonal color analysis - summer colors - Cold summer color type, Warm summer color type, Light summer color type
Summer color types of the seasonal color analysis – summer colors – Cold summer color type, Warm summer color type, Light summer color type


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