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I’m Spring color type

I’m Spring color type

Where did I, the spring color type come from?

I’m a chameleon, being the spring color type I can change my look the way I want by wearing a different selection of my spring colors. I can go super bitch with a bright lipstick, but also blend in the line of cleaning ladies in a grey sweater. Hence, showbiz loves me! I’m on the catwalk, in the magazines, in the commercials and I have a new face for each and every event.  I can reinvent myself every year, grow a brand new me like the Snowdrops by a drop of sunshine. I’m all bright, I’m all life.

My natural spring colors

I thank my versatility to my modest yet characteristic contrasts. I have bright eyes, but not too dominant skin color and neither too dark nor too light hair color. Therefore, it’s up to me which way I push the balance, if I add more contrast with clothes and makeup, I go strong and bright. If I remove contrast with soft colors and sucking grey or black, I go shy and invisible.

My skin is always warm, creamy. Even when I got sunburnt, after the redness has gone it turns into peachy and sandy rather than red. Compared to my cool-skinned friends, it might look like a tired tone, but still the warmth of the sun shine through it. Check the summary page to read more about spring skin tones and see what colors suits me. My eyes are bright, usually green or blue, sometimes mid brown. I have hair colors ranges from honey blonde to nut brown, all warm tone.

What colors should I wear (what are my spring colors)?

The clothes I wear are also warm shades to enhance my own colors. I’m stunning in Saturn red, coral, peach, pistachio, golden, lime, light turquoise blue. These make my skin radiant and my eyes shining. Warm retro colors look quite good on my fellow spring color types, too, just imagine us on a Gone with the wind vintage movie poster to know what I mean.

If I need a winter coat or a business suit, navy and camel is my best choice. They create a great, modest background for my own tones to prevail. For some inspiration check my full spring color palette.

Colors I, the spring color type avoid at all cost

I would never step out in black or gray, no way. They the vampire of my spring color type. Being lack of any color content they suck the life right out of my face, skin, eyes and lips.  As a result, they make me look old and tired.

I also avoid basic colors (child toy/Lego colors) they so loud compared to my natural colors that they push me into the background and make me an extra in my own show.


Diving into the spring color type

My season is rich in colors and we are not all the same even within the spring area. Some of us are warmer and shyer, some of us are cooler and lighter. It’s all about our skin, eyes, hair, lips color and most of all, the contrast between them. The basic spring type can shift towards two directions based on the natural contrast, the warm spring and the light spring.

Spring color types of the seasonal color analysis - spring colors - Bright spring color type, Warm spring color type, Light spring color type
Spring color types of the seasonal color analysis – spring colors- Bright spring color type, Warm spring color type, Light spring color type


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