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I’m Autumn color type

I’m Autumn color type

Where did I, the autumn color type come from?

I, the autumn color type am made of sun and earth, I have warmth and tender in every pore. Thanks to my matured autumn colors, I’m listened, trusted and followed, always taken seriously. One glimpse is enough to tell, I’m not a frivolous chick, I think before I talk, and dress before I walk.  All you can see on me is deep and meaningful with a royal shine and a quality badge from mother earth.

My natural autumn colors

All my colors are kindly warm, yet have their own decent strength. I can melt an iceberg with my eyes without being spotted. Although, I can be considered dull standing next to a winter type. It’s because my strength isn’t about boldness, or brightness, but it’s rooted in my deep earthly colors. My eyes can go from light yellowish-brown/amber to the deepest chocolate brown and sometimes I can surprise the world with a deep blue pair of eyes, too. My hair ranges from beige blonde to the darkest brown, often spiced up with some rusty or dark golden shine.

Even though  I’m deep and motherly, I do have a fun side. Can you recall those funny little girls with the rusty freckles smiling like a Halloween pumpkin? Yes, that’s all me, the autumn color type as well. If my skin is light, it`s very often decorated with freckles, if it’s darker, it always has a tender, creamy tone. Check the summary page to read more about autumn skin tones and see what colors suits me.

What colors should I wear (what are my autumn colors)?

I can give my best in beige, petrol blue, mustard yellow, oil green, orange and brick red. All warm colors and all modestly saturated. The only cool color I let into my word is sea-blue. Since it’s a transitional hue between blue and green making it a good team player. The darker petrol blue shade is excellent for occasions, but, unfortunately, quite rare. Therefore I often go with navy instead as an available substitute.

I’m the best model for nature photography. I look amazing in jungle camouflage, savanna explorer outfit, in leopard dotted coat, in tiger stripe pants, in piton patterned shoes, in giraffe stained scarf, I could go on and on. Mother nature just looks good on me in every possible form. For some inspiration check my full autumn color palette.

Colors I, the autumn color type avoid at all cost

Nothing too bright works for me. Party colors, neon and Lego colors makes me look like a deer pretending to be a flamingo. They just devalue my thoughtful nature. I also have certain disagreement with pastel colors, especially light grey and light pink. Gosh, they just make my autumn color type look so sad.

Black as is also out of  question being ice cold. However, dark cooling brown, like cola, can fit well if it paired with my warm colors and it`s not darker then my hair. Otherwise, it would make me a dull background and steal the limelight.


Diving into the autumn color type

Autumn color types can range from the most light-skinned rusty blondes to the deepest chocolate-skinned and haired types. They share the same warmth and softness regardless the strength of their colors. The stronger those colors are and the bigger the contrast between their skin and eyes, hair, lips, the deeper and richer the colors would fit them. The lower this contrast is, the lighter and softer the best colors are.

Autumn color types of the seasonal color analysis - autumn colors - Real autumn color type, Dark autumn color type , Soft autumn color type
Autumn color types of the seasonal color analysis – autumn colors – Real autumn color type, Dark autumn color type , Soft autumn color type


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